Messaggio di fine anno 2014 | Ibu Robin Lim

Ricevo e diffondo

Dear “Friends & Family” Due to the intense schedule of traveling on teaching tour, and going back and forth between Indonesia and the Philippine Disaster zone, this Christmas Day I am not hosting the annual dinner at my house. It will be just our immediate family. All of you will be in our hearts, we LOVE you so much. As you make a circle of prayer, before you feast on Christmas day, wherever you are on Earth… remember the “Lost, the Last, and the Least of Humanity” for your loving intentions are prayers carried by Angels to bring the relief of suffering. From that pure intention, we each can go out into this world and build Peace, bring Healing and make a difference.

Love, Ibu Robin Lim

2014, December 24

In this season of celebrating communities
Babies, Birth and Motherhood…

We wish to thank each of you, for your generous support of patient care, disaster relief and childbirth healt services.
In a very real, way each of you has contributed to the healing of our Earth.

Terima Kasih
Maraming Salamat,
Thank You… Love

Ibu Robin Lim, Team Bumi Sehat in Indonesia & Team Bumi Wadah in the Philippines

Yayasan Bumi Sehat – Gentle Birth for a Peaceful Future | Indonesia

Madri Sane, Terra Felice per Ibu Robin
Progetto di solidarietà a sostegno di Bumi Sheat e dello straordinario lavoro dell’ostetrica IBU ROBIN LIM, che ne è promotrice | Italia



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